Fast copy for mouse users: Right click to copy selected/highlighted text

While it’s mentioned in the support sections once in 2018 (Cant rclick to copy text) I think this should be in the wish-list of features for Joplin.

Right click to copy selected/highlighted text.
And you paste it through right-clicking as well.
Its stored as a clipboard and the clipboard gets overwritten the same way.

This feature is present in Terminals, such as Windows Terminal. So it’s pretty handy to copy and pasting command lines and scripts.

I use Joplin to document my scripts and command lines via MarkDown:

dir -force

and use Joplin to look-up my commands and scripts.

Aside from from copying just code, it’s just handy in general to copy large text fast.

Maybe this feature is already present through plugins, that I’m not aware of?

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I presume that you are on Windows?

Yes, that is right. Windows 10