Make "All Notes" Section on Desktop

On Android, there is an “All Notes”, “Alle Notizen” section. This is missing on Desktop (Mac). Especially when wanting to search in all notes, this is essential. I have to search in each notebook now, if I’m not sure, where I put it or I only use one notebook for ease of use.

Joplin version: 1.0.179
Platform: Mac OS
OS specifcs: 10.12.6

Apart from search and the missing all notes, Joplin is awesome in combination with Syncthing.


Welcome to the forum.

I’m not a developer, just a user.

Search will search all notes, it is not limited to the notebook you are in.

Also, for your information, there is already an enhancement request on GitHub for All Notes.

It has been there a while but it is still open.

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