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New to Joplin - Android question re: starting note


Brand new to Joplin, trying to get away from Google products. Have installed it on my Linux machine, Windows 10 machine, Android Phone and Tablet.

I'm on the Android version of Joplin v. 2.2.1. I know that the Android version is not full-featured, I get that. When I open the app each time, I'd like it to be at the All Notes screen showing all notes, but it always defaults to a note (Boat) which is not even the first notebook or note alphabetically.

Is this by design, or a bug?

Thank you, and thank you to the developers, I'm enjoying the program.

If I'm not mistaken it defaults to the first note in the last open notebook, where first, I believe, is defined by the sort order you have set.

There's no option to start on the All Notes screen.

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