Show all notes (suggested feature)

I think it should be useful to have a “Show all notes” part in the notebooks section (as in evernote) so we can easily access the most recent edited notes while having them correctly categorized in the different notebooks.

In my case, I usually used this view in evernote instead of navigating through the notebooks.

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Could you add this as a feature request on GitHub?

It seems it is already requested in Github :slightly_smiling_face:
I added my coment.

It’s still not implemented in the desktop version. Works fine in iOS. I also do not see what the problem is for the desktop

The problem on desktop is labour. It’s easy to suggest a feature, but ultimately someone needs to volunteer their time to implement it. I’m sure this feature will eventually make its way into Joplin, but we all need to have a bit of patience.

Sure, I understand and I am happy that people volunteer their time for this great software. I just think this feature would be very easy to implement (as it’s already in some clients) and it seems actually much much simpler than the existing features such as filter for tags. Simply display everything.

This would be super useful, just like the Android app. A node at the top that shows you all notes. Ideally you would be able to sort it as well: Sort by last edited note, sort by size, sort by attachments etc.

This would be a good project for a Google Summer of Code student.