Remember when All notes view was selected

I normally prefer to look at the “All notes” view in the iOS Joplin app.

If I was in the “All notes” view and the app was restarted, I would expect it to return to that view. Instead it opens the last viewed notebook on the next startup. In my opinion “All notes” view is kind of like any other notebook view hence my expectation is reasonable.

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Any comments on this?

This would be a superb feature!

I normally select "All notes" and hide the Side Bar. At the same time, I sort my notes as "last updated first" so I can quickly re-focus on what I'm currently working on.

Every time I restart Joplin, or alternatively search and jump to a different Note than the one I'm currently on, the Side Bar cursor jumps away from "All notes".

So the actual feature request: Once you select "All Notes" on the Side bar, keep the cursor there no matter what.