Export email from Outlook to Joplin

I find the ability to export emails to Joplin to be an important part of my workflow. As such, I am making use of the wonderful Thunderbird to Joplin tool created by @Marph.

Because I also use Outlook, I was looking for a similar capability. I found some code from @ramisedhom, but it didn't work for me. This may be due to changes in the json output by Joplin.

In any case, though I am not an expert in programming in VBA, I adapted this code and it seems to work for me. I added a bit of functionality to enumerate the notebooks as part of the selection dialog.

If anyone is interested, the code is here.

As always with these kind of things, no guarantees are provided about the safety and functionality of the code.



maybe i'm missing something, but i'm trying to follow the setup steps and when I do "For this code to work, download and add to the project the JSON.bas file from here" I get an outlook error "Statement too complex". but maybe i'm not adding it in the right way?

Save the file to your computer. Then drag it to the Modules folder of the project:


Does that help?