macOS: Delete Note Confirmation: Set Default on Confirm Button

When trying to delete a note, a confirmation dialogue appears. It needs the confirmation set as the default so that one can delete a note by using DEL + ENTER. At the moment, a mouse click is needed to confirm. macOS Catalina.


@tessus, if we remove the cancelId property from the dialog box, wouldn’t it work out of the box now? (just wondering if they fixed it now, and this parameter prevents it work as normal)

No, it won’t help. I’ve tested that. We have to update to Electron 7.1.9, which is only a minor bump, so it won’t screw up anything. But the macOS issue default button in dialog not working on macOS has been fixed in 7.1.8.

The other issue I opened with Electron has to do with macOS system settings, so it is not an Electron issue. Although there are still one thing I have to clarify with them.

So to solve the issue, which is the one referenced above, we have to update Electron.
However, Enter is not used as a click, but Space.

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Could we make it a settings option to just delete without confirmation ? I noticed that evernote doesn’t even prompt. Perhaps the reasoning is that it’s pretty difficult to hit command+delete by accident (mac)


Any update on this ?
I would love too to have the option to delete without confirmation.

Thanks for the great software!

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I would rather propose a system trash folder and discard the confirmation dialog, just like Evernote and MacOS Finder do.


Yes ! That would be great indeed

I also wanted to delete folder/notebook and selected notes without confirmation, so I wrote this plugin to solve my problem.

You can take a look on below plugin

  • joplin-plugin-delete-notes-without-confirmation

In case you delete folder/notebook, you can remove unlinked resources using this plugin

  • joplin-plugin-delete-unlinked-resources