Disable delete confirmation popup

Would be nice to "auto confirm" checkbox in options for when I press Delete on my keyboard I do not have press enter (redundancy).

Since deleted notes are permanatly deleted (no trash can), I don't know if this would be a popular feature. Especially after someone accidentally deletes a note :grin:.


You know, I did notice that.. no trash can, I sorta actually kind like that!

Why would someone accidentally delete something? Or even how? That there Delete key is a far reach from the left hand and mouse hand. If the checkbox option was added to the options, that advanced feature I think would gain popularity with power users.

It can happen for example if you think the cursor is in the text editor and want to delete a word. Then it turns out it was the note list that was in focus and you end up accidentally deleting one or more notes. In that case if there's no way to recover it (or no easy way), it's going to be a problem.