Turn off deletion sound

Is there a way to disable the sound that plays when a note is deleted? Hearing that sound over and over is very annoying and I don't want to turn off the sound of the entire system every time I need to delete a large amount of notes.

OS: Windows 10
Version: 1.7.11

There's no sound when a note is deleted. At least there's no audio code in Joplin that triggers when a note is deleted.

On Windows10 the appearance of the delete dialog box does trigger a system sound.

Not being a programmer I do not know if Joplin is requesting this system sound or if Windows is just being "helpful".

That's why I mentioned it in my previous comment. :wink:

Hmm, however, Electron could do something OS specific behind our backs. I'll have to look into that.
But there's no code in Joplin. e.g. if (popup_delete) commence_audio_terror();

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Being old I totally misunderstood what you meant. I read it as "Joplin does not have clang.wav embedded into its code"...

Personally I am not too bothered about the sound. Windows often makes such noises when presenting the user with any function that has an "are you sure?" element to it. If I was going to delete many notes I would likely select them first and then delete them all in one go.

Is it possible to create a plugin that makes Joplin show a different kind of dialog box (one that doesn't make any sound)? I know some programming, but it is very basic.

Are you doing these deletions as part of a note audit? If so, I quickly discovered that going through the notes one by one and deleting those I thought I did not need was not an ideal method in an app without a recycle bin.

A method is to go through the notes and tag the candidates for deletion with "_delete" (the underscore puts it at the top of the tag list). After the first one is created you can drag & drop subsequent notes onto the tag. Then, when finished, all the notes with the "_delete" tag can be reviewed and the tag removed from those that actually need to be kept! Then select all the remaining "_delete" tagged notes (CTRL + A) and bulk delete. There is still a chime when the dialog box appears but it is only the once AND the tag automatically disappears from the tag list when all its notes have been deleted.


Nope, not that I am aware of. This must be an OS level thing. Do you get a sound whe you delete a file in the UI? What's the name in Windows (File explorer?)?

I say it once again. Joplin does not tell Windows to make a sound. If Windows does make a sound, you will have to contact Microsoft.

Another method (that I use) is create a Trash can notebook, then drag any obsolete note into that notebook. Once you have enough notes to trash (or once enough time has passed), just place all those notes in a block and mass delete them.

Additional advantage to that is that you get to have one last look at your notes before they vanish forever! (oh wait, your method works for that too @dpoulton :smiley: )

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