Luhmann's note naming scheme & Joplin


recently I watched few videos describing (new) "signature) feature in Denote package for Emacs. It enables one to use Luhmann's note naming scheme he used on his Zettelkasten (paper) index cards part of the note's filename. Something like 1, 2, 2a, 2b since Luhmann did choose each ID based on the context into which he wanted to sort the note. That context might be a powerful thing showing the history of one's thinking process, iow. how we arrived to certain note.

Considering that Joplin does use database for its storage, it looks it is capable to name the note as we desire, by having such alphanumerical ID?

Do you see any problem with it and/or some plugin which might provide some additional support for it?

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Out of curiosity, how do you imagine this should work? Certainly a plugin can set the note title, but you still have to assign the category manually, so how would that be different from just typing it into the title outright?

I imagine you could create a numbered list and make a note out of each line with "Create note with selected text" plugin (not sure if this is correct name). So each time you need new note in this numbered string of notes you start with creating its title in the master note

So this way you'd have a note with clickable numbered outline and notes linked to it

Would this work for your use case?