Low quality of attached images

Hi all,
I am attempting to attach an image to a note of mine. When I do so, the image appears much lower quality then the original. Is there a setting or something I need to change to fix this?

I am using the iOS app and DropBox for syncing if that matters.

Not a dev just a user but I was not aware Joplin made any changes to images when imported.

However what the pane where the note is displayed does do is shrink the width to fit the note in if the original image is too wide to fit at its native resolution. The actual image itself is not modified, just how it is presented.

Could this be what you are seeing?

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That seems unlikely as the low quality remans regardless of the level of zoom I am currently using.

It’s useful if you include what joplin platform you’re on and version etc.

I get prompted every time to reduce the resolution of the image. I usually choose yes, and I’ve not seen any marked reduction in quality. This is for macos, but since you didn’t post platform, I can’t say.

As I mentioned in the original post, I am running the latest version of Joplin on iOS (on a iPad to be specific) utilizing DropBox for syncing.

Perhaps we are on different platforms, as I only receive such a prompt when I upload a very large image. For smaller images, like the ones I am uploading, I receive no prompt but the image still seems to be compressed.

Forgive me, I'm blind as a bat it seems :joy:

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