Default scaling of images on desktop to be shown fully in-view

There is a usability difference between Evernote and Joplin relating to how pictures are presented when pasted into a note.

In Evernote, if an image was too large to fit onto the screen, it was scaled down to fit in the displayed part of the note, even if the actual note image data was larger.

The same note, exported to .enex and brought into Joplin, will sometimes exhibit this behavior, and other times, not.

And in trying it just now, I'm very confused.

  1. Opened known note in Evernote: scanned image of paper page.
  2. Observe that entire paper page is visible in note, even if the note is resized.
  3. Open same note in Joplin (this was exported about a month ago, and imported into Joplin), but the note is unchanged.
  4. The image in the note in Joplin may or may not resize with the note's window. The same image appears to resize sometimes, then not resize other times. I can see nothing in the markup that would differentiate them, but I will admit to not being very familiar with markup.
  5. It doesn't appear that any of the images are embedded in the markup, though in the one note I have where the images are embedded, they flow in the layout, but they don't appear to resize.

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