Lost Notebooks after computer sleep


After I have had my computer on sleep I opened joplin and all notebooks had gone and default Welcome notebook was only available.

Please help

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Could you check if your sync target is still set up? If not, can you try setting it up and see what's the sync result?

By the way, what version are you using?

And following that, have you been doing any backups by chance?

sync was set up for one drive but there is nothing in the onedrive folder. version is 2.5.12.
I do have the resources in the .config/joplin-desktop folder.

When i try to open a backup it gives an error of "could not decomplress"

Can i open it from .config/joplin-desktop folder?

Well, .jex backup supposed to be a simple .tar archive you could probably try to look inside and salvage some data from.

If you have some resources left, it's better to copy them (or maybe the whole profile folder), to keep as much data as possible.

Other than that, situation looks quite dire... Maybe you have some other devices with local data on them?

I don't quite get what are you referring to. Is it about resources or backup or something else?

i get this error when trying to open a backup

can i open it from here?

Just to confirm, you have tried importing the .jex backup via "file > import" menu, is that correct?

I mean not with system context menu "open with", but with importing function inside Joplin, right?

yea thats correct

Ok, can you try opening .jex via 7zip? If doesn't work directly, try renaming backup.jex to backup.tar

maybe you could extract some contents from it

ok i'll try that, i have also found the synced data on onedrive.. how to i open from there sync?

First of all, please save the onedrive data before doing anything else.

Then you can set up the sync target in Joplin for this particular account on onedrive and await till all your notes are fetched.

will the notes be fetched at the synchronisation interval i have set ie 24 hours?

You can force start the sync by pressing the button "Synchronize" at left bottom

Aside from that, yes, Joplin will follow the sync interval you've set.

Great thankyou, I appreciate your help

it didnt open the files?

After synchronization is complete your notes supposed to appear in Joplin. If sync was completed and no notes were fetched, either the sync target wasn't set up or the sync target doesn't have the notes.

Please, give sync time to be completed, restart the application and let's see what you've got in the end.

I have this error...

Well, it seems that the number of calls to OneDrive exceeded some kind of limit. I don't know what exactly is going on (and similar support ticket remained without an answer) I suggest waiting for an hour and trying again.

If the error persists you can try moving the data to other cloud, say Dropbox and attempt sync from there.