Error synchronizing to OneDrive after enabling encryption E2E

I need to know if this is a user error or if this is a bug. If found to be a bug, I will follow up on a bug ticket in Github.

I am getting this error when synchronizing:

Last error: Error: Could not execute request after multiple attempts: PUT

Joplin for Desktop version: 1.7.11 (prod, linux)
Sync Issue Syncing with OneDrive
OS: Oracle Linux 8.3
I have 2FA enabled on my OneDrive account

Error from Console Output:
In case there are security issues to my OneDrive with using the full output of the sites here, I have removed portions of these and substituted them with elipses (...) same with the above site.

Error seen in the log: 14:27:06: OneDriveApi: Couldn't upload Resource > 4 Mb. Got unhandled error: ECONNRESET request to…RhDiA_rFr2-krCGIdDKWbyzTNKM...XU4W..r4-G6R-k25vB1rkE...geUM failed, reason: read ECONNRESET

  1. FetchError {name: "FetchError", message: "request to…B1rkE... failed, reason: read ECONNRESET", type: "system", errno: "ECONNRESET", code: "ECONNRESET", …}

Is the 4Mb file a limitation of OneDrive or Joplin? and based on this output, Is this my only issue you see?

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