Lost data during external editing, do you know why and how to avoid this?

Hi :slight_smile:

I used the MarkText external editor to edit a note. I set MarkText to automatically save changes every 5 seconds.

Confident as I was, I did a lot of manipulation on Joplin: installing plugins, switching from note to note with the Note Tabs plugin, restarting Joplin, etc. and all this without worrying about possibly losing data, as long as my external editor remained open.

After all that (around two hours), I ended up closing my external editor, and to my great surprise, returning to the tab of the note concerned in Joplin, I saw that the last modifications of the last two hours had not been recorded, they were lost.

Fortunately, they weren't very important and I was able to redo everything quite quickly.

Maybe while an external edit, I shouldn't add plugins? restart Joplin? without having at least stopped external editing with the button of the same name in Joplin? (in short, everything I didn't do ;))

In any case, I'm going to be a little more careful now when editing external notes.

But do you know why I had this data loss and how to prevent it from happening again?

Manually saving before restarting or closing your external editor will prevent this data loss. Restarting Joplin stops external editing. Test whether MarkText's auto save feature updates Joplin before relying on it.

That's probably the problem. I definitely should have closed the external editor, stopped external editing, restarted Joplin and reopened external editing.

I tested, it works :slight_smile: