Will I really lose data, if I use joplin wyswyg editor?

If so, then it is unreliable to use joplin. I don't like markdown, so I try using the wyswyg editor. But looks like joplin is risky. I actually lost some of my data in wyswyg editor. Any way to stop losing data like this?

It's possible to lose data when switching editors. That's because some of the plugins are not supported. If you only use the WYSIWYG editor, then no.


@fesdm, it would be useful to know how you lost data exactly, in case it's actually a bug in the editor (and not just a limitation).

I think OP never lost any data, he is just worried he might. Also think it would help to be more specific about what exactly may get lost. Switching could (please confirm) lead to some loss of text, or formatting, sure. But would you really loose a whole note or a notebook, or the whole database. I don't think so. And that's what the OP is worried about. Please correct me where I am wrong.

Yeah exactly my points. I write notes for studying and printing to read for exams, so it is scary for me if the data gets lost. I lost all my notes in the past(not in joplin). And I have to read those topics again, which is pretty sad and inefficient thing to do. So, I want to stay in safe side to not regret later.