2.11.31 version for Android

I uninstalled my previous version, downloaded and installed the 2.11.31 version on my tablet Lenovo TB-J616F. Oddly, this new Android version has no option to create new profiles. I tried this new version the Google Play, uninstalled and tried again from the apk downloaded from the Joplin site.
I had uninstalled the previous version because not any image would load. Now I don't know what to do.

When you uninstalled (on Android) your profile got deleted too. When you reinstalled Joplin (regardless of what version) the app creates a new profile which holds nothing but the welcome notes. There are only 2 ways to populate the local profile : add notes (type) inside Joplin, one by one, OR sync notes from the server or cloud drive of your choice.
It seems that you expected something else ???

It's OK, I managed to find the solution. I'm too lame, that's the problem...

By the way, the reason for uninstalling and reinstalling was because the images never appear in the note, just an icon. And now that I managed to make another profile, the problem persists. Now I am truly lost, because all permissions are granted to Joplin on Android

Is the data fully synced? And are there any errors in the log? How to enable debugging | Joplin

Yes, everything is fine
The old errors were about the locks folder, but now it's ok. Also, I emptied the cache and tried sync again, no errors in the journal, but the images keep as an icon

Then maybe it means that your other device (where the images display) is not fully synced?

I copied all images directly to a folder on my tablet, inside the folder called .resource
The sync is system, with the right folder addressed.
Should I put all images and pdf inside another folder, then, or at the root of theprofile folder?

Hmm I have no idea about this. Even simply copying the files to .resource might not work depending on timestamps and local sync state. If you want to use filesystem sync, I think some users got it working well with Syncthings, if that can help

Now I displaced all images etc to the profile folder root, cleaned the cache and synced again, keeping simple system sync as before and all original timestamps. Nothing worked. I'll try other ways to make this work. The link is fine, but the icon keeps showing. Hope you find a solution, and then I'll write a portulan for myself

.laurent, I made a lot of trials and errors here on Android, and got to the conclusion that the filesystem sync does not show images due to the lack of updates on the database itself. Even if I have all .md files referencing the image and where it's placed along with the text, nothing shows. I don't know if I would have the competence to analyse and change something, but I'd like to see where in the code for Android there is a mention to updating the database. Can you help me, please?

Hmm, but I don't really understand how you sync. What do you use to sync the files between your phone and computer?

In my PC I use the System sync normally, no problem. The issue rests on my Android.
I tried Syncthing first, and then direct copy-paste of files (.md and images) exported in my computer as RAW and later as .JOPLIN, to be pasted on Android afterwards. Both attempts synced by System sync.
The three methods resulted in plain texts with image icons only, even having the right reference to the images ![file.ext](:/largenewname). Since I tried with Dropbox sync also, I noticed that this way the android database is updated and the images are shown.
My problem with Dropbox is that I need different profiles on my tablet, and this is a feature Dropbox won't allow me to have - I had a question answered about this months ago.
So, what is left for me to think is that for the System Sync it lacks the feature of read/write the Android database.

Is it possible that syncthing is

I think that's the reason - raw files have a different structure than the sync target files, in particular the resource folder is named differently, and there's probably some file timestamp issues too which break sync.

At this point I think the easiest would be to start over by uninstalling, resinstalling the app, and deleting all the files. Then maybe try again with syncthing as that seems to work for many people. Not sure if it needs to be configured but make sure that hidden files are also synced, since the .resource folder is hidden

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