Mac: Hide Dock Icon

Hi all,

For Joplin on the Mac, since there is a Menu Bar (“Tray”) Item, can the Dock Item be (optionally) hidden?

I find no Option in the Jopplin Menu Bar that would make me miss the Dock Icon (which is linked to the Applications Menu as I understand it).

Any thoughts or comments?


This is an Electron app, so I do not know how to do this with an option.

I generally like the idea of being able to hide the dock icon (as an option), but you should also be aware that in such a case, Joplin won’t show up in the App Switcher (Cmd+Tab) anymore.
e.g. I use it to bring Joplin to the foreground.

There is sort of a way around by changing the Info.plist.

/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'add LSUIElement string 1' /Applications/

This will hide the dock icon and inside the task bar as well. I would prefer this as a setting though, together with a hotkey to automatically open Joplin.

(even though it looks like its not possible directly:

This needs a restart of the app and is not dynamic. I think to recall that this will remove the menu as well.

This is true… However, it’s something I can live with at the moment. I use hamerspoon to hotkey to open up joplin’s main window so I always have note editing handy at all times without being “in the way” on my dock or task-bar.

How do you use Joplin without a menu? Not all menu items have shortcuts.

I doubt others would accept an app that does not have a menu.

Actually it works pretty well without menu. Most of the options are available in the toolbar, and most of the menu items i don’t really need. Preferences are still available with cmd + ,

As said: it’s something I can live with, others may or may not.

Is there any update on this? I'd like this feature too. It would be in line with the Windows and Linux versions and consequently better for those (like me) who use Joplin on multiple OSs.