Mac: Hide Dock Icon

Hi all,

For Joplin on the Mac, since there is a Menu Bar (“Tray”) Item, can the Dock Item be (optionally) hidden?

I find no Option in the Jopplin Menu Bar that would make me miss the Dock Icon (which is linked to the Applications Menu as I understand it).

Any thoughts or comments?


This is an Electron app, so I do not know how to do this with an option.

I generally like the idea of being able to hide the dock icon (as an option), but you should also be aware that in such a case, Joplin won’t show up in the App Switcher (Cmd+Tab) anymore.
e.g. I use it to bring Joplin to the foreground.

There is sort of a way around by changing the Info.plist.

/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'add LSUIElement string 1' /Applications/

This will hide the dock icon and inside the task bar as well. I would prefer this as a setting though, together with a hotkey to automatically open Joplin.

(even though it looks like its not possible directly:

This needs a restart of the app and is not dynamic. I think to recall that this will remove the menu as well.

This is true… However, it’s something I can live with at the moment. I use hamerspoon to hotkey to open up joplin’s main window so I always have note editing handy at all times without being “in the way” on my dock or task-bar.

How do you use Joplin without a menu? Not all menu items have shortcuts.

I doubt others would accept an app that does not have a menu.

Actually it works pretty well without menu. Most of the options are available in the toolbar, and most of the menu items i don’t really need. Preferences are still available with cmd + ,

As said: it’s something I can live with, others may or may not.