Sync target upgrade

Android 11
Joplin 2.6.3

I can't copy/paste the message from my phone for some reason, so I'm pasting the screenshot below. I've been using dropbox for sync for quite a while and it stopped working just recently. Any help is appreciated!

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Not so long ago seemingly similar behaviour was reported here. Just linking the threads together.

So far, the most often feature of these reports is version 2.6.3. Could you try installing a previous version?

Please make sure you have a backup and no data going to be lost during fiddling with sync target.

Thanks for the tip - downloading an older version (v2.4.3 for me) fixed my issue. After installing the older version, the Upgrade Sync Target functionality worked and I was able to successfully sync my notes back to my mobile phone!

I'd have responded sooner, but I didn't realize anyone had responded. I figured I'd have gotten an email notification or something if there was a reply... glad I decided to check today before trying to migrate out of Joplin!

Email Notifications from this forum can be set and modified in the preferences section of your profile here :wink:

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