Little help at synchronization

Hello team,

my version is

joplin 2.0.1 (prod)
terminal version.

Synchronization target: File system (2)
Starting synchronization...
Completed: 17/06/2021 00:14
Missing required argument: note

Issue: I try to sync my terminal Jolin with my local nas as FileServer that I got configured trough NFS.

I've being looking for documentation about hot to set

:config 2, I realized option 2 because it said no option1 exist and then shown the options.

I followed this official Synchronization Documentation from

Could you please let me know which parameter is required I guess is something like

:config sync.2.note something.

Thank you in advance,

Serguei Esquivel

You need sync.2.path

thank you for quick response,

:config sync.2.path /home/user/mnt/joplincenter

I double checked permissions and could create modify and delete files in that path, but still having message Missing required argument.



Does anybody has documentation about each parameter of sync class?
thanks in advance,

This is strange, sync does not require note as an argument.
Can you post step by step what were you doing, each command and the corresponding output.

This is step by step

config 2
config sync.2.path ~/General/unidocs/docAdminSES/joplincenter
Missing required argument: note

sync [Press Ctrl+C to cancel]: Completed: 17/06/2021 11:02 Last error: Error: Error: Could

another important thing maybe root cause is Freebsd13.

please let me know any idea.

Not sure why you're getting this error - I've just tried it and it worked for me.
Maybe try exporting your notes, deleting the profile, and start over.

Ok, thank you

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