Joplin Cloud Sync support for Linux Terminal App

I got the joplin cloud account just now to realize the very nice terminal app doesn't support the sync for its own cloud service.

As I dont see any options mentioned in the terminal apps documentation.                    Synchronisation target.
                                   The target to synchronise to. Each sync
                                   target may have additional parameters which
                                   are named as `sync.NUM.NAME` (all
                                   documented below).
                                   Type: Enum.
                                   Possible values: 2 (File system), 3
                                   (OneDrive), 4 (OneDrive Dev (For testing
                                   only)), 5 (Nextcloud), 6 (WebDAV), 7
                                   Default: 7

I might move on to a different note app service, if there is no support for joplin's own sync service. I dont want an overhead to deal with a different cloud integration to achieve this.

Looks like it's just a mistake with the documentation, Joplin cloud has an id of 10. So that's what you would set to.

ok I can log a ticket against the docs in the github project to reflect that, after I test and make sure that works. can I currently specify two sync targets at the same time ? say I want to have a backup of my own on the local filesystem which is 2 ?

Also make sure you update you the latest version which should be 2.6.

For backup you should use the export command, either calling it manually or with a cron. Or you can use the backup plugin on desktop.

ok at least this option is working.
yup the version i am using is 2.6.2. Makes sense, I can setup a backup using cron with the export command. Appreciate the help on this, both of you

Synchronization target: Joplin Cloud (10)
Starting synchronization...
Created remote items: 1.
Created remote items: 6.
Downloading resources...
Created local items: 9. Created remote items: 6. Fetched items: 15/15. Completed: 23/12/2021 17:19 (13s)

$ joplin version
Joplin CLI Client

Copyright © 2016-2021 Laurent Cozic
joplin 2.6.2 (prod, linux)

Client ID: b8ed9ef214ec4d689f39c3b29a7b8ee5
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: No
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