Joplin 2.4 is now available!

Joplin 2.4 is now available on desktop, mobile and CLI. Here's what's new in this release:

Sync Wizard Dialog

A new Sync Wizard Dialog has been added to simplify setting up sync on new clients.

The dialog shows the main sync targets, their differences, and makes it easy to choose one and start synchronising. This is mostly aimed at new users or those perhaps less technical. Those who are self hosting or using complex setups will still easily find what they need from a link on that dialog (or in Config > Synchronisation like before).

Sync setup on mobile has been slightly improved too - now on a new client, instead of asking you to sync with Dropbox directly (which may not be what you want), it jumps to the Config > Synchronisation section where you can select the sync target

Disable synchronisation

It's a small change but something that's been asked many time - it's now possible to disable synchronisation entirely by selecting "None" as a sync target. Previously that could be done in a hacky way, by selecting a non-configured sync target. Now it's clearer and easier to do.


Add back support for deprecated plugins

Recently some plugins stopped working because deprecated plugin APIs had been removed. It had been planned for a long time but I suspect the warnings weren't visible enough so plugin developers didn't act on them, and as a result many plugins stopped working.

This is now fixed in the latest version. A selected number of plugins will have access to these old deprecated APIs, which means they will start working again. This was mainly affecting ambrt's plugins such as "Convert Text To New Note" or the popular "Embed Search" plugin.

Add support for recommended plugins

As mentioned in an earlier post, we now support recommended plugins. These recommended plugins appear on top when searching and are identified by a small crown.

End to End Encryption improvements

Like most recent releases, v2.4 includes a few improvement to the End to End Encryption (E2EE) system. The goal is to make it easier to use, to make it more reliable and to support the future use case of sharing encrypted notebooks or notes.

One important change is the support for a master password. This single password will be responsible to encrypt various keys, including some that will be automatically generated. Thanks to this, it won't be necessary to ask to enter a new password every time a key needs to be encrypted, since the master password can be used. It will also be easier to manage since you'll only have one password to remember instead of a different one for each notebook you might have shared.

Finally, it's now possible to disable a master key. What it means is that it will no longer show up in the list of master keys, and will also no longer generate a warning asking you to enter the password. In some case you might have forgotten it and no longer need it key, so you can now disable it.

Custom CSS

This version also introduces a few internal change to better support custom CSS. In particular the colours now come from a CSS file, which could potentially be overridden, and new UI elements are styled using stylesheets, which likewise could be overridden.

Those are just first steps, but eventually these changes will make it easier to style the UI and create new themes.

Bug fixes

This release also includes about 30 various bug fixes and improvements.

A notable one is a fix for GotoAnything, which recently wasn't working on first try.

The plugin screen has also been improved so that search works even when GitHub is down or blocked, as it is in China in particular.


When I updated (on Linux) to Joplin 2.4.8, I lost my sync to Dropbox. The sync option was set to "none." I had to set it up again to Dropbox. If I wouldn't have checked, I am not sure how long it would have taken me to notice.

Thank you updated
Joplin 2.4.9 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 1fbda4d84b61480cb5585e5e16bbc769
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: bb44c4e

No problems so far.


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Same. My Dropbox connection was arbitrarily dropped at some point in the recent past. This is a huge problem. Was it today? Was it a week ago? I have no idea.

I updated to the prerelease of v2.4 a week or so ago to get the bugged Cmd-P back to a functional state, and apparently nothing has been syncing since...?! I only happened to notice just now because I was about to run downstairs and found Cmd-S popping up some giant dialog instead of syncing.

I'm getting close to abandoning Joplin. I already had issues with my phone stopping syncing out of the blue, and now it's happened again on my desktops. It's starting to feel like I'd be better off just using Cryptomator and a directory of .md and image files I manage myself.

There is already a 2.4.9 release which sounds like it fixes the dropbox problem. The whole point of the pre-releases is to try to find out exactly those kinds of problems before it gets unleashed on the public so unfortunately that is the risk you take with them and in this case it didn't look like it got caught by any of the pre-release users in time.


I know mine stopped working with the update I did this morning since I keep a close eye on the synks. Anyway, I just wanted to point it out. Joplin really works well for me, and when I need something it doesn't do, I come up with a way to work around it. Glad the sync issue is resolved.


Hi guys :slight_smile:
After the update (2.4.9 prod, win32), I´m having this issue:

I think the rendered part of the codeblock is not breaking line


Thank you to everyone who worked on this!


This all happened in (I believe) the previous update. There is a discussion about it here: Talking about Markdown's CodeMirror theme update

You will need to add a little simple css to get things to be the colours you like. Best take a look at this thread (sorry, it's long): Share your CSS and maybe post a question there. But since it doesn't actually relate to this update, better to not discuss it here. You will totally be able to fix this, and probably make the editor even easier to read for you in the process. You may even find a new font that works better for you.


It will be nice to nice to see joplin mobile app in

It is - Joplin - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

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Thank you so much for these helpful great updates, Laurent! We're grateful for your hard work making a quality and free tool.

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@laurent This is a really small nit pick, but when announcements are created that include the word "now" or "new" in the title, could you also add the date, something like "(Sep 2021)".

I don't have enough trust level to do it myself on these anouncemet posts. And the one thing Discourse is really bad at is revealing the OP creation date on the post list screen.

Sure, I can do that