List of folders & notes (something like treeview)

Hello, is there any way/plugin to export the folder structure (with or without notes) as a treeview?
"Help - Sync-Status" shows folders and notes without structure.

So the output should be a text file with content like:



I'm not aware of a built-in way, but it could be done in a custom script using Joplin's data API.

Exactly. To control or optimize the structure.

Can you help me?

If you don't mind using Joplins data API and python, I can write a script. The heavy work is already done in joppy/ at 5ed968b7add1209bfce6a0235cab9584014a0762 · marph91/joppy · GitHub. The remaining work would be to get the note hierarchy into a text file instead of PDF.

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would be fine. Thanx a lot

Here it is:

I'm using it (on linux) like:

pip install joppy
API_TOKEN=<YOUR_TOKEN> python examples/ --output notebook_tree.txt

For my Joplin profile, the (shortened) output looks like:

* Münzen
  - Erhaltungsgrade von Münzen – Wikipedia
  - Neu
  - Shops
  - Vergleichsseiten
* PC / Linux
  * Konferenzen
    - CLT 2022
    - FOSDEM 2022
  * Programmieren
    * Joplin
      - Projekte
      - joplin-vscode

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