Request: PDF Export for Notebook or serveral marked notes


I’m using Joplin now for serveral weeks now and am pretty happy with it.

Is it possible to export a complete notebook or serveral marked notes to PDF?
I didn’t find a way.

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No, but I think it has come up a few times on the forum. I think there’s even a gh issue open for it.

It wasn’t possible before because only the current note could be printed to pdf, but with recent changes i made any note can be printed to pdf, so it would just be a matter of looping though the selection and exporting that.

PR anyone? :wink:

Thanks for implementing!

Two points:

  1. is it possible to create one common PDF file with all selcted notes in it?
  2. if I mark a notebook in the notebook list, a export to PDF is not possible, I have to select the notes separatly.
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  1. No
  2. Yes, because the notebook could have sub-notebooks.

I am also looking for this feature, the idea is to export a notebook tree in a single pdf file with a table of content.
The main notebook would be the Title of the file and notes directly contained in that notebook would show right after it as text, then the sub-notebooks would be chapters and so on, if there're more notebooks at the same tree level they should be divided by some separator to make it more readable, possible with a page break between them.

Notebook1 = PDF Title

  • Note1 = Text under title
  • Notebook2 = Chapter 1 title
  • Note2 = Text
    • Notebook2.1 = sub-chapter title
      • Note2.1a = text
      • Note2.1b = text
    • Notebook2.2 = sub-chapter title
      • Note2.2a = text
  • Notebook3 = Chapter 2 title

The use case would be to write a report for customers or documentation. For example a test penetration report, similar to what CherryTree is doing but a bit improved with graphic and different title fonts.

Also if possible to choose the background of code elements when printing to pdf, so that you can have a dark background for the code snippets making it more readable.
Example from CherryTree:

I would also really like this feature. I enjoy being able to create multi-page documents out of my notes. It makes file organization a lot easier when exporting, and allows for broader application. It would allow me to use Joplin as my sole note-taking program, without needing other programs to do certain functions for me (like combine each single-page pdf export into a larger notebook pdf).

I like the portability of markdown, but being able to print things in a readable format (pdf) is also nice. And the hassle of having to convert every single page separately is very annoying and makes it nearly unusable for this purpose. I'm in it for the long haul because I see a lot of promise in this program especially for privacy purposes.

But please, good exporting is a basic feature for a notetaking program. Please implement. (Both multi-page pdf export of notebooks and the ability to export a notebook with sub-notebooks.) It doesn't have to be stylized or anything; the user can do things to make it pretty within the program (like inserting an image to be a cover between sections or whatever; or a plugin could be made by someone independently), but the user cannot create the basic functionality of a multi-page pdf export.

If you don't mind using the data API and python, you could use this script and adapt it to your needs. For now it can export notebook trees to PDF.

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I'm not that tech-savvy. I've taken an intro comp sci class and have taught myself markdown. (Which honestly, should be the cap on the level of understanding someone needs to use this program. It's a note-taking program. It should be broadly usable.)