Request: PDF Export for Notebook or serveral marked notes


I’m using Joplin now for serveral weeks now and am pretty happy with it.

Is it possible to export a complete notebook or serveral marked notes to PDF?
I didn’t find a way.

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No, but I think it has come up a few times on the forum. I think there’s even a gh issue open for it.

It wasn’t possible before because only the current note could be printed to pdf, but with recent changes i made any note can be printed to pdf, so it would just be a matter of looping though the selection and exporting that.

PR anyone? :wink:

Thanks for implementing!

Two points:

  1. is it possible to create one common PDF file with all selcted notes in it?
  2. if I mark a notebook in the notebook list, a export to PDF is not possible, I have to select the notes separatly.
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  1. No
  2. Yes, because the notebook could have sub-notebooks.

I am also looking for this feature, the idea is to export a notebook tree in a single pdf file with a table of content.
The main notebook would be the Title of the file and notes directly contained in that notebook would show right after it as text, then the sub-notebooks would be chapters and so on, if there're more notebooks at the same tree level they should be divided by some separator to make it more readable, possible with a page break between them.

Notebook1 = PDF Title

  • Note1 = Text under title
  • Notebook2 = Chapter 1 title
  • Note2 = Text
    • Notebook2.1 = sub-chapter title
      • Note2.1a = text
      • Note2.1b = text
    • Notebook2.2 = sub-chapter title
      • Note2.2a = text
  • Notebook3 = Chapter 2 title

The use case would be to write a report for customers or documentation. For example a test penetration report, similar to what CherryTree is doing but a bit improved with graphic and different title fonts.

Also if possible to choose the background of code elements when printing to pdf, so that you can have a dark background for the code snippets making it more readable.
Example from CherryTree: