List code missing Windows

I have a weird issue with disappearing list items code. Windows version. 2.6.10.

It seems to work and then, the - [ ] disappears, but still functions. I use the Rich Markdown v 0.8.3 plugin. Also, I might use * [ ] instead of - [ ] it is possible if it also works. I only use the markdown editor. No access to the wysiwyg editor.
Anyway, this is how windows looks.
Joplin hide

The thing is, I can't fix it because it isn't showing what it is doing.

Here's how it looks on my phone:


I sync using joplin cloud windows, and android phone and android tablet.


As soon as I finished posting this, and returned to joplin, the markdown editor now shows this.

But I'm still missing the -
Is it a left margin in the css style sheet?
As I said, it is frequent but inconsistent and I haven't a clue what might trigger it. It could be making the Joplin window wide and then narrowing it again.

Are you using any custom CSS in the userchrome.css file? It's possible that there is some hiding going on.

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I've tried commenting out a 10pxl left padding. That might be it, but it is too soon to tell for sure.

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