Theme Bug: checked sublist items get increasingly unreadable


In the default Light Theme checked subitems get increasingly unreadable as you descend down the list hierarchy.

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Before anyone can try to help it is useful to know what version of Joplin you are using and what OS.

I ask as Joplin v1.7.11 light theme on Windows 10 looks like this for me.


I'm also using Joplin 1.7.11 on Windows 10.
That is really weird, because your checkmarks also look different.
I'm on the default "Light" theme without any custom styles.

Also this seems to happen in all the themes. Here's a screenshot from the default "Dark".

Maybe you're using different editors - markdown vs WYSIWYG?

Right. This only seems to happen when you switch to the WYSIWYG Editor (not split with markdown).

It seems there are actually 3 views:

  1. Mark Down
  2. Rendered Mark Down

I wasn't aware of that that. I thought 2. & 3. were the same.
Nevertheless this is a problem with the WYSIWYG editor then,

Yes this is expected behaviour on the rich text editor, except there should probably be a limit to how transparent the checkbox becomes.

I suppose not many people use that many level of indentations or if they do, once everything is ticked off it doesn't matter too much what's deep into the hierarchy.

On the 3rd level it's already hardly readable, even for someone with good eyesight in good lighting conditions.

My use case is that I make notes about day to day work as a frontend webdev. And I check off what's done.
During the daily standup meeting (yay, scrum!) I use these notes to remember what I did.
So despite the fact that they are checked, I need to be able to read my notes.