Link reference in joplin to entry in zotero library (local and web). Short idea

I wanted to share an idea on how to use direct links from the reference given in Joplin to the entry in the zotero library.
This follow the question raised in comment 17 of the main topic BibTeX Plugin.

Each item in zotero has it's own ITEMKEY, both the entry in zotero and the attached e.g. pdf file.
The reference given in Joplin could link to one of these items by using the local zotero call via zotero: or using the webpage of the user.

1. Open pdf file of reference.

  • The ITEMKEY of the local pdf file can be found in the "file" key in the .bib entries.
    file = {path/to/dir/ITEMKEY/filename}
  • This could be used in combination with zotero://open-pdf/library/items/ITEMKEY to open the pdf directly in zotero.

2. Highlight entry in the zotero bibliography

  • The .bib file does not contain any information on the entries ITEMKEY.
  • Note: it is different from the file ITEMKEY!
  • In the BBT zotero extension one can add a postscript to store the information of the ITEMKEY of the entry (not the related pdf-file) "if (Translator.BetterTeX) reference.add({ name: 'key', value: item.itemKey })"
    Using this new 'key' in the .bib file entries would create: key = {ITEMKEY}.
  • In combination with zotero://select/library/items/ITEMKEY own can create a link to highlight the zotero item.

This could also be a weblink, if one uses zotero websync.
The ITEMKEY needs to correspond to the 2. option given above.
The webadresse would be
So that the user would need to provide his or her username in the preferences of the plugin.

I know this is a bit over the top for this plugin.
And because I'm not familiar with TypeScript, this would be pretty challenging for me.
Maybe somebody more familiar has an idea on how to implement this.

And in the end: the BibTeX plugin as it is, is really great and already helped me to properly include reference in my Notes!

There is already a plugin that works with zotero:

Thanks, I'll give it a try!