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I found out this nifty way of grabbing citations in Markdown from my Zotero references, similar to how I would get them while working in Microsoft Word.

I don't have Ulysses but tried it out in Bear and Ginko (both Markdown) and they both work. So was surprised when it doesn't work in Joplin. Do you guys happen to know why this doesn't work in Joplin? I thought it would work the same way (sorry don't know coding too well). Is there something I can do to make this work? I am hoping to get this to work as the main reason I changed to Joplin from Evernote was the Markdown, and it would really be lovely if I can cite there as well! :blush:

(Only the first part of that blog post is relevant, not the exportation part.)

to clarify: The method involves typing command inside square brackets, here I use Command+` , and the citation bar from Zotero pops up. The citation then represents as a cite key in the Markdown format.


Linked blog post is available via WebArchive:

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I think the bibtex plugin being developed now should help.


If I'm note mistaken, one of the problem was the license.

Another important aspect would be to be able to link joplin notes within zotero. I don't know if it is possible and if it is worth a new forum post.

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One thing that could be supported quite easily is automatic creation of zotero link in joplin. Maybe, I should open a new topic for that?

Zotero links looks are like that:

This would just speed up a little bit things. As zotero is not integrated to joplin, I ended up using zotero links in joplin.

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I don't think somebody is still working on the bibtex plugin or do you speak about a general implementation? Sadly, for now I don't have the necessary skills to develop in JS/TS. I changed my quick copy settings in zotero (Settings>Export) to better BibTeX Quick Copy: Zotero select link. Then via Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + C on a reference in zotero it's uri is copied. Drag and drop of a reference from zotero results in the same (at least in joplin). In the newest version of zotero you can also use the annotations to markdown export to get markdown notes of your pdfs with uri links to these annotations. You can "freely" customize it. They are currently adding more variables as to what I understood in the zotero forum. I think custom and citekey were among the requested ones. Then you can use quick copy on the note and copy it to zotero. As reading and taking notes is already such a long process I don't mind the time I spend on export and/or quick copy before I have a note in joplin.

Right now, by searching for that forum entry on citekeys I found a zotero better notes plugin. It seems to be able to export the citekeys. I'll probably have a look at that in the next days.

Last summer I asked for uri's in the bibtex plugin. Though in the end it is a difficult decision, as these links don't work on mobile nor on any other device without zotero it is a bit difficult. A colleague of mine uses notion and there it can only link the web-uri. I don't find that practical either. I think my preferred workflow for now would be @citekey and then in the references section (like of the bibtex plugin) the uri.

How do you use zotero and joplin together?

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FYI, Zotero 6 now supports markdown export of Notes. Just right-click on any note and select "Export Note..."

When using Zotero's new PDF-viewer to create annotations, you can create a note from the PDF-annotations (right-click on item or PDF-file and select "Add Note from Annotations"). This note includes backlinks to all the annotations. When exported to markdown those backlinks are converted to Zotero links. Clicking on them inside Joplin will open the PDF inside Zotero at the relevant page.

This workflow is extremely helpful when using Joplin for research purposes (e.g. drafting a paper). You can laverage Joplin's note taking capabilities and Zotero's ref management functionality.


For now the best solution is for Readcube Papers (GitHub - SeptemberHX/joplin-plugin-readcube-papers: joplin plugin for readcube papers).

That’s great.

Next step. Writing article in Joplin (with YALM option) and export with Pandoc in one click... my dream.

You can use Mdnotes zotero plugin to do something like this too...

To cite from zotero?
Does it take zotero or a bib file into account?

Somehow like Zettlr functions? I just tried opening zettlr on macos as external editor (set as standard app for .md) and it worked. I think Joplin did not recognize when the note was closed, but the note was updated.

Does it meanwhile support the internal annotations syntax?
It seems I need to have a look at two zotero plugins.

No works with readcube but good workflow

Yes it's the best solution for now use an external app

What do you mean "by annotations syntax" ? It works with markdown

Yes, and you can change note format --» note_templates [Zotero Documentation]
Very usefull

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@citekey would be my preferred workflow as well. I've been typing (
& writing in every environment (apps, bujo) using [@citekey] now, it being so stable & succinct.

This is an awesome feature of Zotero's. Good tip on how to use with Joplin! due to unforseen circumstances I've been away from my research :smiling_face_with_tear: for 3 years, & now with these amazing plugins (backlinks etc) I can well imagine happily zettelizing in Joplin again.

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If you rather want to embed links to papers in some notes, I wrote the zotero link plugin!

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I've installed your plugin @jannessm but can you give me an idea of how to use it?

Has anyone else installed it?


There's a new version of the Zotero Link plugin (v1.0.2) and that seems to be working.

See the discussion here on how to use it: Plug-in: Zotero Links - #8 by Alan

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