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Please support Zotero/Bibtex

This is a duplication of

As stated there–please support bibtex! It would be a great way to use Joplin, which I like slightly more than other options, but I need citations in order to use Joplin. Zettlr is one option that does, and it’s open source so perhaps the code could be ported?


I agree it is an extremely useful function (at least for Academics & research people) that is lacking in Joplin (which is my daily notes taking app).

Some examples of how it is implemented in other softwares I use :

  • R markdown : via Pandoc (explanation here)
  • Atom : package zotero-picker. The same solution than Rmarkdown + a very handy toolbar to search for the right citation.

I hope to see this feature one day in Joplin !


It is very well implemented in Zettlr, which is another place to look for for code.


Hey, I would also highly appreciate this feature. Making resources editable might come in handy with that.

Edit: sorry, I guess I was wrong about MarkdownPP

The code couldn’t be directly ported due to license differences. Joplin’s MIT license is more permissible and flexible while Zettlr is under GPL. If Joplin used that code, it would be in violation of Zettlr’s license due to same license requirement of GPL and Joplin going under GPL would be a bad thing for its current goals. GPL forces all projects built from a GPL project to be under the same license with major difficulties in changing to anything else and Joplin is much about freedom to choose how to use the app while also being as secure as can be.

I also stand corrected, Joplin apparently could be dual licensed with GPL but it still wouldn’t be good for the reasons I’ve listed above.

How about implementing reference managing within the limits of MIT licence?

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Hi all, I have no knowledge or advice regarding implementation but wanted to share my enthusiasm for a bibliography integration feature! (ideally Zotero).

Even simple bibtex-markdown with the database in the metadata section of the markdown file would be good. Even better would be having a designated synchronised bibtex file that is passed to the markdown renderer. I’d leave “reference management” to external tools with access to that file.