Languages not well taken care of in the mobile app

Version 1.0.316

Even though some languages have been fully (100%) implemented like English US and some at 30% implementation like Croatian, I noticed 2 general issues amongst them changing from on language to another.

  1. When you change the language to any language just some sections of the existing language change until you reload the app then about 98% of the existing language change.
  2. The remaining 2% to me are sections of the app I think should change.
    The sections include the;-
  • Headers, they never change even if the language is at 100%.
  • All the welcome to Joplin, importing and exporting notes, synchronizing notes should change as this might be the reason for changing the language so as to understand those sections.

Screen shots

If this is reviewed and comes up as an issue, I’ll like to work on it.

I think Book, Ideas, Welcome are titles of notes, not menu entries of the application.

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Yeah, books and ideas are titlestill of notes I created, I created that in English because that’s my language. You can create those in any language of you choice. Titles of notes don’t change but those of to-do changes.
See what doesn’t change

And if I’m changing the language to any language which I can understand, at least I should be able to understand these and every other line they hold in that language.

I don’t think ToDos should change language if they were written like that. That’s an interesting catch and we’ll have to see what the others here say when they get to this post.

@PackElend, any ideas here?

And for the other sections what do you think, should welcome to Joplin, importing and exporting notes and synchronizing your notes and their contents change with respect to language or remain static in English?
My opinion, they should change.

That’s a bit outside the scope of my expertise here, but I’m under the assumption that the Welcome pages would have to be manually translated for each language since they’re traditional Notes themselves.

Exactly, well let’s wait for opinions of others and see what to do next

And these issues would also most likely appear in the desktop app too since they both share code

That’s true, someone should check for the desktop app, I setup my environment only for the mobile app as that’s my point of interest, I could checome for the desktop but that’s going to take me some time.

What I’m referring to is that part of the mobile client code is tied directly to Desktop and Cli client code, and they most likely will share all language related code and definitely share same welcome pages.

Oh okay, the advantage is, one code multiple platforms

It also makes making changes a bit more dicey. I would strongly recommend learning how the build system functions here and read the package.json file the root directory.

Ok will do that and see how it looks