Enable translating the "Welcome! (Desktop)" content in the app

Please enable translating the file https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/blob/dev/packages/lib/welcomeAssets.js.

It looks strange to open a localized Joplin app and then to get the basic informations about it in english ...

Similar topic I started is: Joplin app and plugins translations/localizations


I could happily help with the translation into German...Translations of plugins I think are actually even more important, since those affect the user experience permanently.

I could help with the translation of plugins into Croatian … but I have no idea where they are hosted, or where to find them (BTW, I'm just a translator, not a programmer)

After reading this thread

I thought I might just start to translate because I had some free time left. Now I've only done the translation, without the implementation, what should we do from here? Would anyone like to make a multilingual Welcome! Notebook possible? According to @laurent it should not be the hardest thing to do, but I don't know how to do it (yet)...

My forked PR with the files: German translation of the Welcome! Notebook by Mr-Kanister · Pull Request #6 · Mr-Kanister/joplin · GitHub

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Thanks, but the problem is that we don't have anything in place to integrate these translations. We'd need some tool to detect when the source text has and changed, and when the translations need to be updated (like we have for the apps), and something to package all these translations and display the right one on startup.

Would it in any way be possible, to integrate those translations in the existing system?

Not as it is no, but if someone's interested in creating a pull request to implement the above I would merge it.