Searching for simple issues

Please are there any good first issues on mobile??? and how can i begin contributing??

Due to how close GSoC is getting to starting, I would highly recommend working on any issue you think you can handle that hasn’t been claimed yet from the github tracker. Mobile is important for Joplin as a whole but the vast majority of bugs that show up on mobile are also present in the desktop apps. Now, if you’ve been using the mobile app for your own personal usage and have found a bug that hasn’t been addressed or acknowledged on the desktop or mobile, feel free to post a bug report and create a respective PR to fix it.

Of course, I’m not one of the devs here, so this advice could be sorely mistaken or off key a bit. If you have any further questions, feel free to reply here or ping me or @PackElend. We’re here to help. Also, many of your beginning questions should be answered in the GSoC Live Blog at the top. I would highly recommend reading it in its entirety, start checking out the build and contribution documents and using Joplin if you already aren’t so you can get a feel of what the app is like in its current state. The more you interact here and the more you use it, the better you’ll be at providing help with it and more prepared you’ll be to get started when the main event gets going.

the idea of doing a PR is to learn how your code skills and style is. Are we going to have a easy going coding period or do we have to do a lot of talking, corrections. These question shall be answered by your contribution.

In addition
For more first issues if needed, perhaps there are some at the bottom of this thread: