Kickstarter Joplin?

How about using kickstarter to fund Joplin?

Joplin has a lot of potential to become something very good so I think funding Joplin would be a good idea.

The developer can get extra funds , hire other developers to help him and also devote some more time on Joplin.

I have funded before a couple of weeks

so why not Joplin…

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I guess that would be useful to fund certain things that we can’t easily do ourselves.

Examples are things like hiring a designer to refresh the UI design; hiring a security firm to do a security audit; getting someone to develop a native mobile module for decryption or sync, etc. Basically something that can be easily scopped and for which we can get a quote in advance.

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I am a proponent of this and would love to contribute to a fund since I cannot otherwise contribute my brain :slight_smile:

Would contribute

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