Joplin's callback link use in calendar apps

Joplin lets me generate a callback link for individual notes or notebooks (e.g. joplin://x-callback-url/openNote?id=29b17fa7b40e45f896e38e9c976a037b), and these can be called from a web browser such as Chrome.

Is there any calendar app (preferably free or low-cost) I can insert such a link into and it become linkable? I can't get it to work in Google Calendar, for example - regular web links are linkable but application links aren't, as far as I can tell.

After some poking around, I found out that Joplin application links can be launched from PowerShell with the command start-process (e.g. "start-process joplin://x-callback-url/openNote?id=29b17fa7b40e45f896e38e9c976a037b"). Now if only a PowerShell script can be launched from a calendar's event.

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Also just found that in a Thunderbird Calendar event, Joplin application links can't be linked in event description text but CAN be attached as webpages, and they link into Joplin as expected. But I don't use Thunderbird for calendaring at the moment, but instead an app that works as a front end to Google Calendar. Can a webpage be attached to a Google Calendar event like this? That didn't seem to work but I didn't have much time to play with it.

Thanks all for putting up with my thinking out loud. Please feel free to add your two cents.

On edit: Revised for clarity.

Here's my latest findings on being able to link to Joplin notes and notebooks from a calendar app.

  1. After poking around a while, I came to the conclusion that if I personally was going to develop a solution, it would have to work for a calendar that is somewhat straightforward to mod, and the web-based Google Calendar already has a great number of add-ons and extensions available for it. After installing a number of these, I was able to make the web-based GCal much more usable than the Windows front-end to GCal I was using, so I switched to the web-based. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any extension that exactly suited my needs for this specific exercise, but the Checker Plus extension came very close. In Checker Plus, when you click on an event in its calendar view, its preview card linkifies Joplin app links you may have in the event description. However, I want to be able to click an event in the actual GCal and linkify the Joplin app links there. After further poking around, I realized that a TamperMonkey script could be written to accomplish this, which I am working on now (which could eventually be made into a Chrome extension, if they would accept such an extension). Stay tuned.
  2. I sent enhancement requests to both Google and Thunderbird developers for them to automatically linkify Joplin app links in event descriptions. I figured this was at least worth a try. But in the meantime, hopefully #1 will pan out.
  3. I realized you can create Windows shortcuts using Joplin app links. And if you use something like Stardock's Fences, you can corral links to notes/notebooks in fences, categorized or not to your liking. When creating a shortcut, just enter the Joplin app link in the Location field, click Next, enter a name for the shortcut, then you're done.

I have completed coding version 0.1 of the "Clickable Joplin Links in GCal Preview Cards" script. I will release it in the Apps area tomorrow. It will support external links for notes, notebooks and tags!


Here's a link to the new script. Enjoy.