Joplin WYSIWYG Editor problem (Windows)

  1. Please give hotkey for common element (Bullet List, Todo List, Block Code List, ...)

  2. WYSIWYG Editor have problem with display. Just open another note and return current note, format (Bullet List, Todo List, ...) is changed.

  • Original Text from current note:

  • Changed Text after open another note and return current note:

  1. Can not change directly Todo List <=> Bullet List
  1. There is technically a shortcut for 'code' but I can't get Joplin to recognise the default key assignment. It does work if you rebind it though. Agree it would be nice to have a shortcut for other markdown formats such as quotes, bullet lists and todo lists.
    (The non-working shortcut seems to be related to UK keyboard layouts - raised issue #4284)

  2. I can replicate that exact issue - Win 10 & Linux Mint 20 (raised as issue #4286)

  • Copy:
- bullet 1
    - bullet 2
    - bullet 3
- [ ] todo 1
    - [ ] todo 2
    - [ ] todo 3

into a note and press the Rich text editor button twice, MD does not change but Rich Text editor shows the screen in @ifree's example.

  • Change back to Rich Text editor and tick the tickbox on 'bullet 1' (bullets 2 + 3 cannot be ticked) then change back to MD. MD now shows:
- [x] bullet 1
    - [ ] bullet 2
    - [ ] bullet 3
- [ ] todo 1
    - [ ] todo 2
    - [ ] todo 3
  1. Not sure what is meant by this? Do you mean that if you make some todo items, select them, then click the bullet list button it simply unformats the text rather than converting to a bullet list with the same indentations?

The answer to 2) is:

Yes that's a limitation of the rich text editor. All the items in the list must be of the same type, so it should be all checkboxes or all bullet points. To have different kinds, you can separate them with an horizontal ruler for example.

This limitation has been added to the known limitations of the editor in the readme file that is linked to from the application when you open the rich text editor.

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