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Joplin 2.13.9 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: 50768180f0d1408c9653eb36622994a1
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Rich Text Editor

What issue do you have?

Joplin newbie here, and apologies, this may be a duplicate entry. I'm not sure if the first topic posted.

There seems to be a glitch in the Rich Editor. When a task follows a bullet item, it will appear correctly in the Markdown editor and the adjacent Rich Text viewer. When you toggle to the Rich Text Editor, the bulleted item appears as if it's a task. Toggling back to the Markdown editor everything looks fine. File attached with two screenshots showing the Markdown correctly and then incorrectly displayed.

Thanks, Sean

There is no file attached to the OP.

Issue occurs with - bullet item list marker whether task follows or precedes a bullet item.

Using * or + as bullet item list markers works as expected when you toggle to the Rich Text editor.

However, toggling to the Markdown editor after editing Rich Text reverts all markers to -.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Here's another try at the image that I thought I had uploaded:

It's just odd that the Rich Text view would be different with the same underlying data.

The rich text editor doesn't support "mixed" lists like this, the second item inherits the first, you need to separate them with something like a horizontal break (---).

See: About the Rich Text editor | Joplin

All items in a list must be of the same type, so for example all checkboxes, or all bullet points. If you require two different types, you should create two different lists separated by a horizontal rule or similar.

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Thanks for letting me know. It's less a mixed list and more like adjacent items. Regardless, still odd that the viewer would support this particular sequence of items and the editor would not, but if that's the design then that's the design.

Unfortunately that leaves me with a problem. I'm considering switching from Evernote to Joplin, but in the 1000's of notes I've authored over the years there are many instances where a task precedes a bulleted item (it's just a note taking convention I often use in Evernote). Changing bullets to tasks, as will now happen with some frequency in the migrated data, can make for a confusing history.

Will need to consider whether this is something I can work with.

Thanks, again.

I mean mixed in the more technical term because the whitespace is ignored it is seen as mixed. The markdown viewer is entirely unrelated to the richtext editor - the former is rendering your markdown directly but the editor is an embedded instance of TinyMCE - you can see the same behaviour of not allowing mixed lists on their demo - Basic example | Docs | TinyMCE. Clicking bullets or numbers swaps the entire list type in one go. So it isn't a design decision (at least from Joplin), it is a limitation of the editor.

This is just my personal opinion as a user and non-expert. But mixing the rich text view and Markdown is problematic. I started using the rich text, but switched to entirely Markdown. Markdown is very easy and makes typing on a tablet a snap. Anyway, I've changed the CSS so the rich text icon doesn't even show. John Caleb has a rich Markdown plugin GitHub - CalebJohn/joplin-rich-markdown: Helping you ditch the markdown viewer for good. which does a nice job showing you what your text will look like, so I also don't use the split screen view. You can still use the toggle to toggle between MD and viewer.

The rich text mode is limited if you don't need it.

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