Week 12: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

I continued working on the keyboard shortcut editor.

  • Export current keymap configuration to a JSON file
  • Import keymap configurations from a JSON file
  • Cleaned-up and refactored code to make it easier to follow

@anjulalk thanks for your great work :smile:

Could you add a shortcut to move note to a notebook ?

In recent versions it's available, but I think only in the pre-release for now.

Good news :slight_smile:

I downloaded Joplin pre-release 1.4.10 this afternoon I didn't see it yet.
I’ll wait until she becomes "Latest release".

For those who doesn't use markdown, could you add or make those work ?



And (either auto replace or shortcut - or both):

Thank you!


I'm using 2.6.10, but I'm not seeing a shortcut or an option to set it in Joplin -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts.

I can create a PR if you can point me to which code needs to be modified.

I don't see an apparent pattern. I see an accelerator set in the first file but not in the following file.

Maybe I'm missing something?

This shortcut would be usefull. However I can't show you because I'm not a dev.