Feature Request / Question: Keyboard shortcut to mark a todo as done (inside of notes)

Hello! So I have to use Visual Studio Code at work to write my markdown notes, and I’m still not completely used to it, but it has one thing I would love to see if Joplin if the fit within the scope of the app for a shortcut. That is, that it uses ALT+C to toggle a todo-item inside of a note to be done or not. I notice myself trying to hit this keyboard shortcut inside of Joplin now a lot as well, without getting any result, so wanted to ask if it would be possible to add?

AFAIK we are not going to add new shortcuts until we’ve rewritten the shortcut system.


I just started with Joplin and was also looking for a shortcut to mark a todo as done. I just wanted to ask if there is anything new on this?

Hi! I'm actively using Kanban plugin and this shortcut will be extremely useful. Is there any news on rewriting the shortcut system?
Or, at least, where can i monitor this task?

Thank you!

This is now available through the Rich Markdown plugin. If you are on the line with the todo, just ctrl + enter.

If you right click, you will see the option for Perform Action. That's because this functionality also will open a link if cursor is in a link.