Joplin won't launch: EACCES: permission denied

I have posted the following question on a relevant thread on Github but it does not seem to get any attention, so I try my luck here...
I changed laptops and when re-installing Joplin I got an error message (see the link above) "Error: EACCES: permission denied".

The Github thread suggests to change something with permissions but I don't understand what is meant. I also find it odd that I did not need to do this in my previous laptop, nor with any other software I installed on the new one.

  • Joplin 2.7.13 (trying to launch)
  • MacOS 12.1

Any help would be much appreciated.

In case someone has the same issue, here is the solution, adapted from another Github issue (was cited in the previous one, not too difficult after all). I changed the rights of my user folder from the terminal with the following command line:

sudo chown yourusername: /Users/yourusername/.config

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