Fatal error on install Mac M1

Hello I tried to install the dmg of Joplin on my mac M1 but I have a message Fatal Error
Fatal error:

EACCES: permission denied, mkdir '/Users/MYNAME/.config/joplin-desktop'

can someone help ? normaly Apple Silicone should be compatible

Hello @kaosproject ,

The error does not seem to be joplin related. Looks like you do not have permissions to write into /Users/MYNAME. Are you logged in as this user?

Please check if you can create other files / directories under /Users/MYNAME and if not, fixing that should help.

Cheers !

hello thank you for your answer I'm login with the good user and I can create a folder under /users/MYNAME

here is the capture

ok I find the solution the folder .config have not the good permission the owner was Root ! I change it and now it work :smiley:

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