Joplin window is blank on startup

I installed Joplin as an Admin on my Windows 10 laptop for All Users. Joplin appears to run fine under the Admin account. I then login to my non-admin account user account and launch Joplin. Though the main window opens, it is blank. There isn’t even a menu. I noticed that the .config folder was not created for the non-admin account. I then tried the flags.txt file per this page, but no change. We have software restriction policies in place in our environment so that might be playing a role, but I can’t debug what Joplin is trying to do so I am stuck. Any suggestions?


It would work if you install Joplin for each user individually. Do you have any error in the log or console?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that part. When I try to run the installer as my regular user (even if I “Run as Administrator”), I get
(Windows 7 or later is required). Again, I am on Windows 10. No log file is generated in joplin-desktop and the console didn’t open.

Did you reach a solution?