Joplin is blank

When I try to open Joplin it looks normally for about half second and after it the window (except menu) became blank. I can look to menus, but when I click on e.g. Settings it doesn’t open anything.
It happened first after update to following versions on two different computers:

Joplin Portable v 1.0.209 on Windows 10
Joplin Portable v 1.0.207 on Windows 8.1

I probably changed notebook before Joplin was fully loaded. The window became blank and now it is blank every time I open Joplin.

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Can you open dev tools from the help menu? If you can are there any errors in console there?

Yes I can. There is a few warnings and errors. I uploaded it to my server, because I can send only 4 lines or so as a new user. You can see it here:

Just a thought due to a previous problem someone had. When you updated Joplin did you change the install type from “Just for me” to “For everyone on this computer” (or the other way around)?

EDIT: Just noticed that your log file suggests you are using Joplin Portable.

Yes, I 'm

Looks like it’s this bug:

It could be. I just didn’t work with images and I can’t restart Joplin. Well I can, but it doesn’t help. It is still blank.
In first case with version 1.0.207 it helped to install a new version, but reinstalling 1.0.209 (replacing downloaded portable file) didn’t help.

It seems there’s something funny happening with the editor cursor in the latest version. It some case it jumps around and can create an infinite rendering loop. I’ll fix it before making this release official.

Does it still happen with the latest pre-release?

It seems to be OK. Thank you.

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