Joplin Web - Web application companion for Joplin

I have a simple web space from a provider for some bucks a month. There is only php and MySQL available. I was very astonished how much is possible with nextcloud without a big server platform to get rid of Google and Microsoft cloud stuff. And it’s damn easy, even noobs like me can extract the nextcloud zip and start the index.php.

With the client apps I can now use my web space like Onedrive or Dropbox, as a OneNote alternative I use Joplin, but there is no client for any OS, so a web interface would be helpful.

Very nice work! this is what I need

With the back end server, do I still need a WebDAV server to sync with iOS client?
or is it that the back end can be used alone to both serve web front end and sync with mobile clients ?

The webapp is just another way to manage his notes, so all the needed requirements for joplin-deskop are the same for joplin-web.

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Now the app is able to find local resources - here is a comparisation between joplin and joplin-web


a docker image is now available.
build it

docker build -t foxmask/joplin-web .

then launch it like this

docker run -it --network host -p 8001:8001 --rm --name foxmask-joplin-web-1 --mount type=bind,source="/home/foxmask/.config/joplin-desktop/database.sqlite",target=/home/foxmask/.config/joplin-desktop/database.sqlite foxmask/joplin-web

after that docker image, I'm working on a technical migration you can follow :wink:


tags under notes :slight_smile:


Hi, i’m looking for a way to publish the project the easiest way
So If you have knowledge to build a appimage (and/or the other OS supported by Joplin) let met know. I try to “package” the project from that folder only

May be that would be a possibility to use Joplin from Nextcloud ?


Until yesterday, to be able to use Joplin-Web, We had to install it on a workstation (because we need to access to the webclipper service)

Now, joplin can be run headless with:

joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop/ server start
Server is already running on port 41184

just after having update the joplin terminal version by

NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=~/.joplin-bin npm install -g joplin

This allow you, now, to install the project on a dedicated server near your joplin resources :wink:

Thanks to @laurent !

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:birthday: project first anniversary :slight_smile:

news things to come during hacktoberfest :wink:


Well done @foxmask, the project is already looking very good.

Thanks for the Web app for Joplin, it looks very promising.

For those interested to test, there is docker-compose.yml to get both backend and frontend quickly running.

This solution run 2 dockers images, where I just run one.
I build the VueJS part, then I can run one docker with the front (VueJS) and back (python) in same times.

I just did not want to build the VueJS part on my server before creating your docker image and therefore I use the other image to do the job (which is easy to delete and provides a http server for testing).
In either case, the alpine based images are quite small (less then 300 MB both).

For production, I may merge with nginx and joplin app to a single docker image (it is on head-less server) and use an nginx proxy for SSL and simple user authentication.

I updated the description of the project, in the first post, has many things have been done since this year :wink:

@foxmask - okay, my bad.

I did not get the point of how the VueJS part and joplin_web relate to each other, that VueJS production build is already included in joplin_web and I eventually over-complicated things.

Nevermind, the Dockerfile & docker-compose.yml is now updated to produce a single image including also joplin terminal app (taking care about Web Clipper service and syncing).

i compared your solution with 2 dockers where I run just once. It's up to you to do the way you want. There is no rules written in the stone :wink:

Hi all,

I’ve successfully installing the Joplin Web. I would like to access my remote webdav folder. I use davfs to mount the remote folder. So this way the desktop application and the web application accessing the same file.

The mount works well. When I try to access my note book through the web app nothing appears.

Is davfs the right way to perform this action ?


did you start joplin headlesss by

joplin server start