"Joplin Web API for Nextcloud is now discontinued..." 😳

Although it's been out for quite some time now, this announcement is disconcerting. Hopefully, for naught.

Can somebody please reassure those of us who value the ability to keep our data on our own servers (rather than on those of somebody else), that dropping the Nextcloud Web API will NOT affect our ability to continue to do so either now or in the future?

Nextcloud broke the app more than a year ago when they've invalidated all the signing certificates, so I don't expect many people were using it. This app was only an experimental feature to allow sharing notes via Nextcloud, but it turns out it's not a viable solution and instead the focus is now on Joplin Server.

To be clear, it will still be (and will always be) possible to sync notes with Nextcloud. It's just the ability to share notes via this specialised app which is discontinued.

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Whew; that's a relief!

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