Improving integration between Joplin and Nextcloud

Hi, checking in on any possibilities to improve interopability between Joplin and Nextcloud. I realize that the Web API integration app was attempted in the past and asked the Nextcloud Notes team about it after seeing this thread closed. My understanding is they would love to get feedback on what they could improve:

Too bad it seems there is no concrete feedback on the issues or what we could improve

Frank also responded:

Too bad... Because the notes App and the API will become a core app with Nextcloud 26. What kind of change do you need?

I noticed from the nc forum that it was difficult for laurent to find developer support in the past, but now they do have dedicated communication channels you can use to reach for either community developer support or to reach the notes team directly. I hope this proves helpful in some way, because they are a friendly bunch. Thanks for all the great work on Joplin! :heart:

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My 2c: last time I checked it was only possible call the API from PHP which is an instant no-go from me.

As an alternative I have briefly looked at OCIS (Owncloud infinte scale) where the API is language-agnostic but the documentation is outdated and the project itself doesn't seem to be mature enough yet.