Joplin vesion 1.0.166

here is a new release with news and improvements

Note that on Windows the code signing certificate has been renewed, which sometimes trigger warnings when installing the application.

News :

  • New: Add support for anchor hashes in note links (#1490)

  • Joplin CLI can now be run headless with:

    • 2 examples :
      joplin server start
      # or with the profile path
      joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop server start 
      for this, update joplin terminal as usual:
      NPM_CONFIG_PREFIX=~/.joplin-bin npm install -g joplin


  • Improved: Only support checkboxes that start with a dash (#1832)
  • Improved: Apply current locale to date and time (#1822)
  • Improved: Update template prompt font and sort templates (#1806)


  • Fixed: Do not scroll text when search is open and user type in note (#1833)
  • Fixed: Fixed cropped content issue when printing or exporting to PDF (#1815)
  • Fixed: Fix typo on encryption options screen (#1823)
  • Fixed: Use correct date format for templates (#1810) (#1803)


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