Joplin version 1.2.6


here are some new feature, update, improvements and Fixes


  • New: Updated UI (#3586)


  • Improved: Add frequently used languages to markdown editor (#3786 by Carlos Eduardo)
  • Improved: Adjust the codemirror code block colors for the dark theme (#3794 by Caleb John)
  • Improved: Disable auto-update by default
  • Improved: Extend functionality of codemirror vim (#3823 by Caleb John)
  • Improved: Improved handling of database migration failures
  • Improved: Optimised sidebar rendering speed
  • Improved: Upgrade Mermaid to v8.8.0 (#3745) (#3740 by Caleb John)


  • Fixed: Add stricter rules for katex blocks (#3795) (#3791 by Caleb John)
  • Fixed: Allow Read Time label to be translated (#3684)
  • Fixed: Always use light theme for notes in HTML mode (#3698)
  • Fixed: Disable editor shortcuts when a dialog, such as GotoAnything, is visible (#3700)
  • Fixed: Fade out checked items in Rich Text editor too
  • Fixed: Fix bug where editor would scroll to focus global search (#3787 by Caleb John)
  • Fixed: Fix missed highlighting when using the global search (#3717 by Caleb John)
  • Fixed: Fixed editor font size (#3801)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue when switching from search to "All notes" (#3748)
  • Fixed: Improved handling of special characters when exporting to Markdown (#3760)
  • Fixed: Notebooks and tags click area was too narrow (#3876)
  • Fixed: Only disable relevant toolbar buttons when editor is read-only (#3810)
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in rare case when opening the config screen (#3835)
  • Fixed: Refresh search results when searching by tag and when a tag is changed (#3754)



what does this mean exactly?

Really enjoying the new version (1.2.6 (prod, linux))! Excellent work!


There’s an option to turn the update check on and off. Before it was on by default and now it’s off by default. That would only affect someone who newly installs the app.

Hi All, I love the new design :+1: very good work

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Great looking UI update! Thanks for improving the subnotebook dropdown arrow / pointer.

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Just created an account to say that the new interface is great! Congrats!

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Hi, has the toolbar below the top menu been intentionally removed? If so, is there an option to re-enable?

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I like the look and feel of the new version. I've noticed it "pausing" though on my machine. When it pauses, it's using 125% of my CPU--looks funny, but I'm guessing they're saying it's using 1 and 1/4 cores. I'm on macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Oh, just updated this morning to 1.2.6. Really like the few changes in UI, looks more modern. Thanks to have changed the background color (grey) in notebook list view. Like too the new settings UI. Good job.

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I just updated to 1.2.6 in Linux. Wow!
The UI looks more clean and clear.
Overall, a beautiful upgrade and a great experience so far. Thanks team!

Also, finally keyboard shortcut for Toggle Note List!!

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Hello, new UI looks much more modern, I agree, but PLEASE put SEARCH back!
Now when search is located on top of note list, there is plenty of unused empty space overt note, but even one longer word does not fit, and it's very inconvenient to search for more.
May be not even length of search box matters, but it's location. Long history already of putting search boxes on top right, and now it makes my mind crazy not locating it at first glance. I would say UX.
I have hundreds of notes organized in tens of notebooks, and search is key for me and any other heavy user. Fancy look is good for demo, for UX and functionality search function is essential.

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Also had to do custom CSS editing at least in Mac, to make sidebar and note title text readable again.

In preferences open Appearance>Advanced and choose Edit for Custom stilesheet for Joplin-wide app styles.

Put this code according your flavour:

/* For styling the entire Joplin app (except the rendered Markdown, which is defined in `userstyle.css`) */

*, #joplin-container-body, div.resizableLayoutItem.rli-sidebarColumn, #react-root div.folders, #react-root .side-bar * {
  font-family: 'Inter', -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe UI', Helvetica, Arial,
    sans-serif, 'Apple Color Emoji', 'Segoe UI Emoji';
	font-size: 16px;

Is this sync-compatible with iOS version 10.2.1? Database v34

I would like to follow up on this and say that I very frequently type a new note title into the search box above the notes list, reflexively thinking that then pressing "new note" right beside that box will create such a note... but of course, it's actually a search box. If I had my UI wish, there would be a new note name box there that did that, and the search box would be more conventionally located.

And (maybe a separate issue) I wish that the little icons for "new note" and "new TODO" were switched, so that the leftmost was "new note", which at least for my workflow is a much more common target than a todo item. Perhaps that's just me.