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Joplin version 1.1.1 pre release

Yes, you read version 1.1.1:)

Here are the new features and improvements and fixes


  • Security: Disallow EMBED tags to prevent XSS vulnerability (CVE-2020-15930, vulnerability found by Ademar Nowasky Junior)

New Features

  • New: Add keyboard shortcut editor (#3525 by Anjula Karunarathne)


  • Improved: Change CodeMirror default home and end to be visual line based (#3672 by Caleb John)

  • Improved: Added support for fuzzy search (#3632 by Naveen M V)

  • Improved: Make CodeMirror the default code editor (#3703) (#3560 by Caleb John)

  • Improved: Rename menu item from “Export” to “Export all” to clarify what it does

  • Improved: Sync immediately on startup


  • Fixed: Fix applying tags to multiple notes (#3710)
  • Fixed: Fix bug with quotes when searching (#3735 by Naveen M V)
  • Fixed: Fix wildcard search (#3713 by Naveen M V)
  • Fixed: Fixed copying link in Rich Text editor (#3697)
  • Fixed: Fixed note export when there are folders with non-existing parents. Also fixed long path issue on Windows. (#3689)
  • Fixed: Fixed viewer font size, in particular for inline code (#3553)