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Joplin version 1.0.199

Here are the new features, fixes and improvements of that new release


  • New: Added new Aritim-Dark theme (#2997 by @TobiasDev)
  • New: WYSIWYG: Added support for code blocks edition and creation
  • New: WYSIWYG: Added support for tables
  • New: WYSIWYG: Apply theme to toolbar
  • New: WYSIWYG: Better handling of links on macOS and inside Katex block
  • New: WYSIWYG: Do not display target list in link dialog
  • New: WYSIWYG: Handle internal note links
  • New: WYSIWYG: Handle resource download mode
  • New: WYSIWYG: Improved documentation on what plugins are compatible with WYSIWYG editor
  • New: WYSIWYG: Preserve HTML code in Markdown when editing from wysiwyg editor
  • New: Add “Retry All” option to synchronisation page (#2688)
  • New: Add friendly default filenames to export options (#2749 by @CalebJohn)
  • New: Add message box to ask confirmation when resizing image


  • Improved: Clear provisional flag as soon as note is modified to avoid data loss (#2681)
  • Improved: Close Goto Anything modal on outside click (#2940 by Siddhant Sehgal)
  • Improved: Moved all themes out into their own .js theme files (#2951 by @TobiasDev)
  • Improved: Resource screen improvements (#2850) (#2639)
  • Improved: Right-click to move note to notebook (#2566) (#2296 by Siddhant Sehgal)
  • Improved: Update it_IT.po (#2978 by @abonte)
  • Improved: Update ko.po (#2986 by @xmlangel)
  • Improved: Update nb_NO.po (#2973 by Mats Estensen)
  • Improved: Update zh_CN.po (#2971 by @troilus)
  • Improved: Wait for note to be saved before closing the app


  • Fixed: Fixed iOS and macOS icons and created script to automate icon creation (#2604)
  • Fixed: Fixed regression when drag and dropping files
  • Fixed: Fixed styling issues with rendered Markdown
  • Fixed: Prevent decryption loop when a resource cannot be decrypted (#2257)
  • Fixed: When modifying a conflicted note, it would disappear from the view (#2709)


Just for information, I have found that for those who have used userstyle.css to control the font properties within table cells you will now need to add !important to the css element properties to make them work again.

Random Made-up Example

td {
font-family: Bahnschrift !important;
font-size: 12px !important;
color: #000000 !important;
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@dpoulton, I think if you use table td you won’t need !important. By the way you can see the rules there, which might help overriding them https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/blob/master/ReactNativeClient/lib/joplin-renderer/noteStyle.js#L192


Thanks for that. I had noticed that tables had modified element names in 1.0.199 but hadn’t had a chance to test modifying them.

I just thought I’d post a “quick fix” for those that upgraded, saw the change and may have felt the need to post a “bug” report (which it isn’t, of course).

As you suggested, using something like:

table th, table td {
font-family: Bahnschrift;
font-size: 12px;
color: #000000;

does remove the need for !important and lets you bring the table style back to whatever was set in userstyle.css originally using just th and td.