Joplin version 1.0.170

Here is a new release with new features and improvements

New Features

  • New: Added support for chemical equations using mhchem for Katex
  • New: Add option to set page dimensions when printing (#1976)
  • New: Add checkmark to menu item, if Dev Tools are on (#1949)
  • New: Added Dracula theme (#1924) (#1863)
  • New: Added concept of sync version and client ID to allow upgrading sync targets


  • Improved: Truncate update changelog when it’s too long (#1967) (#1222)
  • Improved: Support italic in span tags (#1966)
  • Improved: Allow a sync client to lock a sync target, so that migration operations can be performed on it
  • Improved: Give correct mime type to more file types
  • Improved: Api: Allow getting the resources of a note (#1956)
  • Improved: Set cancel as the default in dangerous operations (#1934) (#1662)
  • Improved: Hide some toolbar buttons when editor hidden (#1940) (#1896)
  • Improved: Larger search bar (#1933) (#917)
  • Improved: Use profile temp dir when exporting files (#1932)
  • Improved: Code button now detects multiline (#1915)


  • Fixed: Prevent note content from being deleted when using certain external editors (in particular Typora) (#1854)
  • Fixed: Display error message when notes cannot be exported (#1970)
  • Fixed: Note view was not reloaded after viewing revisions (#1819)
  • Fixed: Fixed alarms that would trigger immediately when they were set too far in future (#1829)
  • Fixed: Text input context menu was not working in Windows (#1703)
  • Fixed: App would crash if trying to index a note that has not been decrypted yet (#1938)


3 posts were split to a new topic: Blank screen with joplin 1.0.170 (win10)

Can you open a topic on the support forum ?
So we could notice the issue instead of exchanging here in a topic that is not related to any issue.

forget my request i could do it :slight_smile:

New update is not causing any problems for me on Win10 and Manjaro Linux. Android works fine as well.